14 Best profitable business ideas in Pakistan for students 2022

Many people want to do a small job or business besides studying.But they do not understand what kind of business they will do some businesses cannot be done along with their studies and some jobs become difficult for them.So I came up with some of the best business ideas for Pakistani students Businesses that Pakistani students can do as well as people in other countries.But the funny thing is that those who are unemployed people besides students can also do these businesses if they want.Let's go to the main point then.


14 Best profitable business ideas in Pakistan for students 2022

The number one business is blogging.What is blogging?This is a popular online job as many people in Pakistan are currently blogging.Blogging is an online job where you can earn income by writing on your own website.This is a good online business idea.If you have good writing skills and if you can write good articles then you can make your idle time online by blogging.You can earn income by collaborating with people by writing on various topics.You will write about the subject in which you have good skills.But for blogging you have to do a course first.So if you want to do a blogging course, you can go to this Facebook link and give a massage: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100071372523392

2.Virtual Assistant 

What is virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is a person who assists a businessman online in his or her online business.There are many businessmen online who hire assistants to assist them in their work.But if you want to work as a virtual assistant, you have to decide if you can help the businessman you are working with.For that you need to find a businessman who can work as an assistant.What qualifications do you need to become a Virtual Assistant?
*English language experience
If you want to work as a virtual assistant, then you have to talk to your teammates, customers. In that case, if your customer is a foreigner, then you have to speak English. So it is necessary to know English in this job.
*General communication skills
Since you will be working as an assistant, you may need to contact someone at any time, so you need to have the skills to talk to them.
*Computer experience
To work as a virtual assistant you need to have computer skills because you need to know e-mail checks, office applications, various data.
Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?
* Virtual Staff finder.com
* Fiverr.com
* Up work.com
* Freelancer.com


14 Best profitable business ideas in Pakistan for students 2022

Currently freelancing is known as the smallest profitable business in Pakistan.Many young boys in Pakistan are involved in this freelancing work.What is freelancing?Freelancing is an independent or free profession.
*What is the Benifit of freelancing 
If you have a job then you have to go to the office every day and do the same thing every day.But if you do freelancing, you don't have to go to the office, you can do whatever you want at home And you will one day be involved in new work so that you do not have to feel boring.And in this case you can earn more than the job.Also, if you want to get a job, you have to have a boss according to whom you have to work but in freelancing you will work according to your own wishes.
*How can i start freelancing?
Select any topic
Which you are interested in.
App development. 
Web development.
Social media marketing. 
E-mail marketing. 
Whichever sector you choose.Since there is a lot of competition in the market for this job, this job will not be so easy, but once you get marketing, you don't have to come to any other job.

4.T-Shirt print and sell in online

14 Best profitable business ideas in Pakistan for students 2022
If you have good skills in graphic design then you can use your skills. There are many websites online where you can earn by printing T-shirts.You can do this business while studying.And it is a popular online business in Pakistan.What do I need to do to do this business?You pick a niche and you work according to that niche.Then there is designing Your designing must be good.Your income from T-shirt printing will depend on designing.  The better you design, the better your reputation and the higher your income.Then another important thing is quality ful design.If the quality of your printing is not good then the T-shirt will not be sold later. Because everyone wants to buy a beautifully designed T-shirt so if your design is not good then your T-shirt will not be sold.This is a good part time job for students.Apart from Pakistan, students from other countries will also be able to do business.


What is programing?Just as we write an essay with short sentences in the exam book, an application can be created with a combination of small programs.Those who do programming are called by different names like- programmer, developer, coder.They do coding through some computer software which makes their coding task easier.You can create a website or app through programming or coding.You can run your program on your computer.But if you want to make money from programming, you need to give others a chance to use the website or app you created.In that case you have to upload the program to a web hosting or internet server.Not as difficult as you think programming is If you are a Pakistani then there are many programmers in Pakistan you can learn programming from them by taking courses.Also if you are from another country you will find that you will try to take programming courses from the programmers who are in your country.You can also learn programming by yourself online without any course if you want.There are many channels on YouTube where free programming is taught through videos.

6.Youtube creator 

You don't have to give much thought to what a YouTube creator would expect.YouTuber is currently a popular online business People from all over the world like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, America are involved in this online work.
*What you need to do to become a YouTuber
Need a youtube chanale.You must have a Google Account to create a YouTube channel.You can create a YouTube channel with your Google Account.After creating a YouTube channel, you need to customize it.Of course customizing has to be professional.Customizing a YouTube channel may not be possible for you at first There are many videos on YouTube for him. You can learn to customize the youTube channel by watching a video from there.Then you have to select the content i.e. what kind of content you want to make the video based on If you leave a variety of videos on your channel, your YouTube channel will not grow.Then you have to upload regular videos If you can't upload regular videos, you can upload one by one after two days.When you upload new videos to YouTube, you will share your videos everywhere on Facebook, WhatsApp.
*How do you make money from youtube?
There are many ways to earn income from YouTube.Your income will depend on the views of your videos, you can also earn income from YouTube by showing ads, you can earn income by sponsoring and many more ways you can earn income from YouTube.

7.Thumbnail making

Creating thumbnails for YouTube videos.You can create thumbnails with mobile or you can create with PC but you need PC to create professional thumbnails. Because you can't create professional thumbnails on phone.There are many YouTubers who cannot create thumbnails due to lack of time.So they are looking for a professional thumbnail maker. If you can make a professional thumbnail, youtubers will hire you to make their thumbnail.But most of the time you have to find out and then talk to a YouTuber and make a final deal.  Talk to him about how much you will work for but I will suggest you to deal with a small amount of money first and then when you get the job of making thumbnail making of some YouTubers you will deal with a certain amount.There are many people in Pakistan who work in this thumbnail making.You can also do thumbnail making at freelancing.com or fiverr.com.


You will notice that you have hired a photographer for a big event like a birthday party or a wedding.If you are a skilled photographer then you can work as a photographer.If you want to be a professional photographer, you will need a camera. You will also need a good software to edit pictures with a computer. Once you become a professional photographer, you will be hired for big events.But if you think you are a student then how do you do this job besides studying?You can be a photographer as well as study, but in that case your type of work will be different.In that case you can sell your photos online.There are many websites online where pictures are sold.If they like the picture you take, they will come to the website and buy your picture.You can work on this as well as study and it is an easy work.

9.Video editing

If you have a computer and you are good at video editing then you can work in freelancing.Video editing is very important in freelancing so if you can develop your skills in this sector then you can make a big profit.If you want to do video editing on phone then you can't be perfect so you must have a PC to do video editing in freelancing.However, there is a lot of competition in the freelancer but in the video editing sector, so in that case you do not need to know one type of video editing, you need to know a few types of video editing.There are many free video editing courses on YouTube from where you can learn editing by watching videos.And once you can get a good place in the video editing sector, then you do not have to expect any more work. So you can learn video editing as well as study and do this job.

10.Graphic Designing 

What is graphic design?Graphic design is the use of your thinking power to create an image through a picture or text in which your thinking power can be successfully expressed.
*What does it take to design graphics?
The most important aspect of graphic design is willpower.  If you want to be a graphic designer then you can learn it.Then you have to make a great effort. If you are watching the video but not trying, you will not be able to learn graphics design.If you are learning graphic designing by watching videos but not practicing then it will not happen.
*Name some graphic designs
Logo design.
Benner design.
Web benner design.
Social media bennar design.
Facebook cover design.
T-shirt design. Etc. 
After learning graphics designing, how do you make money from words? There are many websites for doing graphics designing work such as Freelancing.com Fiverr.com Etc.You can earn income by designing graphics on these websites.

11.Social media Manager 

What you need to have to become a social media manager?To become a social media manager you need to have content writing skills.Content creation is the main thing here creating content will make it easier for you to become a social media manager.But you have to write quality content.The content you write about must be of good quality.You need to do keyword research for the content you write.There are many free keyword research tools like UberSuggest, Google Keyword Panel and many more.
Where do you work as a social media manager?There are many websites online such as Freelancer.com Fiverr.com and many more.You will get the job of writing content on those website however, your competition may be more here.For that you will write equality full content.

12.Online course

Since you are a student, you can take online courses on subjects that you understand well. If you are good at mathematics, you will take a course in mathematics, and if you are good at English, you will take an English course.Also if you can do any work online such as programming or you can take a course on a subject that you know well.But you will see what people want to learn more.  If you can, you can try to get people to take courses that you are interested in learning.Then the most important thing is how people will know about the online course you are taking, that is, how you will convey the word to the people.For that you can take the help of any youtuber i.e. you can get promotion with any youtuber.Make an online tutorial video on the subject you will be doing the course on.Then you will prompt a YouTuber with money. He will inform his audience about your course and if any of them are interested, they will come to you.


If a student of secondary higher secondary or graduation gets good marks Then he does not have to work part time to continue his studies well.They will be able to apply for various scholarships if they get marks above sixty percent.So if he gets money from the applied scholarship, then he will be able to continue his education expenses with that money. He does not have to do com part time job.This means that if you study well, you don't have to worry about the cost of hands or the cost of studying.So if you can get good results then you don't have to worry about improving your costs.

14.Create a Facebook page

I think everyone has a Facebook account.If you have a Facebook account, you can create a Facebook page. By creating a Facebook page, you can earn money by uploading videos like YouTube.Which can later be converted into a big business.You can make videos about things that you have good knowledge of or that you are interested in doing.But to make a video, I need basic computer knowledge and a little knowledge of video editing.If you can't, you can learn it from YouTube.In this case, if you do not have a computer, you can use your smartphone.

Here are some of the best business ideas for Pakistani students that you can do while studying. And the most interesting thing is that students from other countries can do these businesses as well.  There are ideas.Then start working on your chosen business.  Remember, hard work is the key to success, so keep working hard to be successful one day.

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